Between the car rental client “the Client” and Go-go Costa “ the Company”. 

Rental agreement:

This document is signed by the client. It outlines specific conditions of the agreement, including

duration, contracted services, and estimated price to be paid, among others. 

By signing, the client confirms the accuracy of the data and acceptance of the rental conditions.

Upon rental, the client must provide an identity card or passport if not a national of a European

Union country. The client must also be at least 25 years old and possess a valid driving license for a minimum of two years. If the client does not meet the age and driving license requirements, they are asked to contact us before booking a vehicle. For driving licenses issued in languages with non-Latin alphabets (e.g., Japanese, Arabic), an international driving license is required. For licenses from countries not part of the international driving license agreement, a translation from a recognized official authority is necessary.

Security deposit: 

The client agrees to provide a security deposit prior to taking possession of the rental vehicle. This deposit will be held by the company for the duration of the rental period and will be used to cover any additional charges, damages, or violations incurred during the rental period. The security deposit, or any remaining balance thereof, will be refunded to the client upon returning the vehicle in the same condition as it was rented, subject to satisfactory inspection by the company.


The company is responsible for providing a vehicle in good working order and replacing it in case of mechanical breakdown, provided a replacement is available. The company is liable for damages caused by its acts or omissions. The client is responsible for the proper use of the rented vehicle, traffic fines, and other expenses during the rental period.


Upon collection, the client must inspect the vehicle's condition and note any damage in the Vehicle Condition Report to prevent conflicts upon return. The client is responsible for vehicle care, including ensuring correct fuel. The client agrees to return the vehicle in its delivered condition, considering normal wear and tear.

Rental Restrictions:

The client may not sublease, transfer, or sell the vehicle covered by this agreement. The vehicle

must not be used for passenger or cargo transport for hire, driven on unsuitable roads, including

racetracks. The client must adhere to load limits, avoid carrying hazardous materials, participating in races, or using the vehicle for illegal purposes. Only authorized drivers named in the agreement may drive, refraining from driving under the influence. Driving abroad requires company authorization, with additional charges applicable. Smoking is prohibited, with a €500 charge for violations.

Fines and Other Charges:

The client is responsible for fines, expenses, or penalties for driving offenses during the rental term, with some payments made directly by the company.

Mileage Policy:

Mileage limits apply, with excess kilometers incurring a surcharge of:

0.25€ per exceeding kilometer.

When applicable, the amount will be taken from the security deposit, and in the case of the amount exceeding the security deposit, the payment must be settled using a payment card of cash. 

Insurance Policy:

Comprehensive coverage is included, protecting the client and authorized drivers against third-party claims during the rental.

In the event of any damage to the rental vehicle during the rental period, the cost of the damage will first be deducted from the security deposit paid by the client. The security deposit amount will be used to cover the initial costs of repairs up to the total amount of the deposit. Any remaining costs beyond the security deposit will be covered by the included insurance.

Vehicle Match:

In case of unforeseen events, such as a vehicle being out of service, you may be provided with a different vehicle. In such a case, you will always be provided with a similar model. 

Fuel Policy:

The vehicle must have a full tank of fuel upon return. Failure to comply with this will result in a

handling fee of 30€ + 2.5€ per liter of fuel (applied to all types of fuel). When applicable, the amount will be taken from the security deposit.


The client should call Roadside Assistance for mechanical failures or accidents. The client is

responsible for expenses due to misuse. Repairs or maintenance require company permission. In case of an accident, the client must cooperate, notify the company and authorities, and complete an Accident Report.


The client is responsible for vehicle safety, and minimizing theft risks.

Return Procedure:

The client must return the vehicle to the company's office on the agreement expiry date. 


Any changes require 24-hour notice and may incur charges. Early returns do not warrant refunds. Failure to return a vehicle may be reported as theft. The company may request vehicle exchanges.

Refund Policy:

Full refunds are available up to two weeks before the rental period. Bookings made less than two weeks prior are non-refundable.

Choice of Court:

Any disputes arising from this contract will be submitted to applicable courts and tribunals under

Spanish jurisdiction. Go-go Costa operates under Spanish law.