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Terms and Conditions

Rental agreement:

Is the document the Client sign upon collecting the vehicle. This document details the particular conditions of the agreement, including the duration, services contracted and the estimate of the price to be paid, among others. By signing it, the Client confirms that the data is correct and that s/he accepts the rental conditions.
At the time of rental, the Client must provide an identity card or passport if he/she is not a national of a country of the European Union. S/he must also be at least 25 years old and hold a full valid driving license for at least two years. A driving license issued in a language that uses a non-Latin alphabet (Japanese, Arabic, etc.) must be supplemented by an international driving license. For driving licences from countries that do not belong to the international driving license agreement, a translation from a recognised official authority will be required.


The COMPANY is responsible for providing the Client with a vehicle in good general working order and for replacing the vehicle in the event of a mechanical breakdown and only in case that the COMPANY has a car available at the moment. The COMPANY will be liable for any damages that may be caused by acts or omissions of it. The Client will be responsible for the proper use of the rented vehicle, as well as for traffic fines and other expenses incurred during the rental.


The Client must verify the condition of the vehicle to be rented at the time of collection and record any potential damage in the Vehicle Condition Report to avoid conflicts at the time of return. The Client will be responsible for taking care of the vehicle and reducing the risk of breakdowns and damage, among others, by ensuring that the correct fuel is used and checking the condition of the tyres, oil and other liquids, replacing them when necessary. The Client undertakes to return the vehicle in the condition in which it is delivered, considering the normal use and wear and tear.

Rental restrictions:

The Client may not sublease, transfer or sell theme covered by this agreement. Nor may the vehicle be used for the carriage of passengers or cargo or hire of any kind, be driven on unpaved roads or roads not suitable for the vehicle, including racetracks. The Client must avoid overloading luggage and passengers; carry explosive or combustible materials or items that may damage the vehicle; participate in races of any kind; use the vehicle in restricted areas; in violation of traffic regulations; or for illegal purposes.
The vehicle may only be driven by authorised drivers named in this agreement, although they must refrain from driving under the influence of substances that alter their ability to react (drugs, alcohol or medication).
Express authorisation must be sought of the COMPANY to drive abroad and the Client will be required to assume the payment of any additional charges that may apply. Driving will only be authorised in countries of the European Union. The additional daily rate for driving outside Spain is €3 (THREE EUROS). For rental agreements of 28 days or more, the additional daily rate will be €1 (ONE EURO).
Smoking is strictly forbidden in all vehicles. A breach of this regulation during the rental will represent an additional charge of €500 (FIVE HUNDRED EUROS) (taxes included).
Failure to comply with the restrictions will render the Bent liable for any damage, loss or expense that the COMPANY may suffer es a result of these. The COMPANY, therefore, reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement and deprive the Client of the whack at any time, charging all the expenses arising in this respect to the Client

Fines and Other Charges:

The Client will be responsible for all fines and expenses or penalties incurred for driving offences during the term of the agreement Depending on the case, certain payments must be made directly by the COMPANY, but the COMPANY will recover them from the Client. In other situations, the COMPANY must provide the details of the Client to the competent authorities, who will contact the Client.

Mileage policy:

The mileage of the rental vehicle is in at the time of commencement of this car rental agreement. The mileage of the vehicle is limited as follows: See rental details. For all kilometers of the vehicle that exceed this limit, a surcharge for excess kilometers of 20 cents per kilometer will be charged.

Insurance policy:

The rental includes comprehensive coverage, which protects the Client and the authorised driver named in the particular conditions, against third-party claims (death, injury or material damage in case of an accident) during the rental.


The Client should call the Roadside Assistance Service in the event of a problem with the vehicle due to mechanical failure or accident. The rental price includes a breakdown service for mechanical failures that may occur during the course of this agreement. However, in case of failure due to misuse by the Client, such as battery discharge, loss of keys, misfuelling or forgetting the keys inside the vehicle, the Client will be responsible for the expenses incurred. The Client may not allow any repairs or maintenance services on the vehicle without prior permission from the COMPANY.

In the event of an accident, the Client agrees to cooperate in any further investigation or legal proceedings. in addition, the Client must notify the COMPANY and the Roadside Assistance Service in the event of damage to the vehicle and report It to the police If there has been an injury or material damage. The Client must also fill in the Accident Report, taking note of the name and address of the persons involved, including witnesses,. and all the information required in the Accident Report, and then give it to the COMPANY.
If the Client does not comply with these instructions, partial coverages may be cancelled.


In case of theft, the Client must inform the police, call the Assistance Service and fill in the Accident Report. The Client will give the keys of the vehicle to the COMPANY.


The Client will be responsible for the safety of the vehicle and will minimise the risk of theft and vandalism by parking the vehicle in safe places, not leaving valuables in sight and ensuring that the vehicle is locked.

Return procedure:

The Client must return the vehicle to the COMPANY’s office on the date of expiry of this agreement. Failure to do so may result in additional charges. If the Client wishes to change the date of return of the vehicle or wants the COMPANY to pick it up, he/she must call the of 24 hours before the end of the agreement, bearing in mind that this type of change in the agreed return conditions must be authorised by the COMPANY and may entail additional charges. The additional fee will be applied at the time of return, and the collection costs will cover the trip to the location of the vehicle and its return to the original office. The minimum period of the extension is one day.
Likewise, if the Client returns the vehicle before the date indicated in the particular conditions of this agreement, s/he must not expect a total or partial return of the rent corresponding to the period not used, nor of the insurance or deposits paid.
If the Client does not return the vehicle by the end of this agreement or its extension, the COMPANY will automatically report it as stolen.
Eventually, the COMPANY may request the Client to exchange the rented vehicle. In such a case, the COMPANY will replace the vehicle with another of the same characteristics as those of the replaced vehicle.

Refund policy:
A full refund can be issued up to 60 days prior to the commencement of the rental period. If the vehicle is booked less than 60 days before the aforementioned date, refunds are not eligible.

CHOICE OF COURT: The parties agree that any discrepancies that might arise in the interpretation, execution or application of this contract be expressly submitted to the legally applicable Courts and Tribunals. Go-go Costa operates under Spanish jurisdiction. 


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