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Rent to Buy:

Owning a car is often seen as a necessity for many individuals, as is the case for many internationals in the Costa Del Sol area. However, the traditional process of purchasing a vehicle outright can be a significant financial commitment. In addition, being a foreigner in another country often complicates this further. To bridge this gap between renting and owning, the concept of “Rent to Buy” has emerged as an attractive option. This blog post aims to shed light on what Rent2Buy entails and how it can be an advantageous pathway to car ownership.

What is Rent to Buy?

Rent to Buy is a unique car acquisition model that combines the flexibility of renting with the ultimate goal of ownership. It is essentially a lease-purchase program designed to enable individuals to rent a vehicle for a specific period before deciding whether to purchase it outright. When renting a car, the price you pay is merely a cost. However, with rent2buy the monthly installment goes towards your ownership of the car!

How does Rent2Buy work?

The Rent2Buy process begins with selecting a vehicle that suits your needs and price range.  The customer enters into a Rent to Buy agreement, with a set duration typically 24 months. During this rental period, individuals have the opportunity to experience the car firsthand and evaluate its performance, comfort, and overall suitability to their lifestyle.

Benefits of Rent2Buy:

  1. Extended Test-Drive: Rent2Buy allows individuals to test-drive a vehicle for a more extended period compared to a traditional test drive, offering a comprehensive understanding of the car’s features, handling, and comfort.
  1. Decision Making: By experiencing the car in various real-life situations, potential buyers can make an informed decision about purchasing the vehicle, ensuring it meets their expectations and requirements.
  1. Limited commitment: Not entirely sure if you will stay in Spain? No problem, Rent to Buy provides an opportunity to terminate the contract and deliver back the car anytime.
  1. Credit history: at Go-go Costa we make our own credit evaluations. If you try to buy a car from a traditional dealership using installments, they typically ask to show elaborate credit history in Spain, which internationals will struggle to provide. 

In conclusion, Rent2Buy presents an innovative and flexible approach to car ownership, bridging the gap between renting and buying. By allowing potential buyers to rent a vehicle and credit rental fees towards the purchase price, it offers a comprehensive test-drive experience with limited commitment. This model provides individuals with the opportunity to make an informed decision while minimizing risks and maximizing convenience. If you’re considering purchasing a car don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Go-go Costa – we have the perfect car for you.

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